Greenshank sailing

In 2016 and 2017 Greenshank sailings focused on exploring the Goldcoast Seaway and South Moreton passages. The classic 5.5m gaff rigged cutter was a 2007 project build by Darbi Reader, based on a Paul Gartside design, intended to overcome restrictions on motorized vessels. Greenshank's shallow draft and responsiveness to variable conditions, makes her ideal for beach landings, and working between shoals in confined waterways. The sailing project provides a kind of parallel universe on Queensland's Gold Coast. Amid the convenience of personal watercraft, and waterfront living, Greenshank sails back in time to the romantic era of the 1920s and on into the indigenous world of South Stradbroke. One can only imagine, what life may have been like if colonists had shunned the advent of fossil fuels, and communities of the seaway and passages remained several hours sail apart. Greenshank could well have provided the local mail service. Out on the water Greenshank begs the question; "is there another pace to life among the 20th Century construction of Gold Coast development?" Greenshank has been laid up for 2018.

Greenshank on the Paradise Point waterfront January 2017

The Build Project

The building of Greenshank was another case of self-directed learning. As a Year 11 home education project, this was the largest design able to be constructed in a garage. It turned out to be a year's work full-time. At the end it was easy to demonstrate the skills acquired. See Greenshank's 2007 maiden voyage.

Running up the Seaway on a strong southerly.

When classic meets current

When I say; "parallel universe" I'm thinking what it is like to spend half a day sailing waters, watching for the breeze, and keeping an eye on the headway against the current, while PWCs rip past, and the wake of shiny motor yachts stir the Seaway into a washing-machine.

There is nothing that can really explain these different experiences between classic sail, and what seems, by comparison, to be a frenetic desperate urgency.

At anchor in a parallel universe.

the deeper questions

So the questions are: Just where is this world going so urgently?

Why do people love to see Greenshank out on the waters?

Why do so many make a point of photographing her, when before they were busy going about their own business?

Greenshank sailings are indicating there is room for new projects that challenge the normality of busy lives.