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Artlearn's 2017 program takes an entirely new approach, grounded in discussion, collaboration and mentorship. There is no fee to join. We take entrants based on capacity. Your capacity to study, think and create. Our (collective) capacity to engage, question and mentor. The program is project orientated, and together we navigate into the future (sea of possibilities).

There is no entry or exit qualification. The aim is to demonstrate a portfolio of successful or meaningful projects.

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A small number of candidates are invited to join the program before March each year (this is the first time the artlearn program has been offered in this way. Simply send the artlearn director an email briefly outlining your interests, possible project ideas and a little of your past experience, and your application will be considered. You do not need a polished application, if necessary we can open up further discussion with candidates. You can join, suspend or leave the program at any time.

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We should ask why did humans enter a track of environmental destruction through industrialisation and what needs to be done in our societal organisational processes to elevate different values and priorities?
— Paul Reader, on eco-arts, 2013

continuing Projects, Presentations and IDEAS

  • 3929 is an Australian backyard ecology project running for over 10 years, that explores the "gardener's impact on a land area equivalent to the total area per person in the United Kingdom.
  • Paul's acclaimed doctoral thesis (Elliot Eisner Awards recognition, 2008) Painterly Methodology: painting and digital inquiry in adult learning, explored visual methods in adult education.